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Paediatric dentistry is a matter close to our hearts. That’s why we are happy to look after your child from their first milk tooth onwards. Through regular prophylaxis treatments for children, we would like to contribute to keeping children’s milk teeth and permanent teeth healthy. We are also happy to provide parents with individual advice on dental care and a tooth-friendly diet for children.

You are welcome to arrange an initial visit with your child to our surgery and get to know our friendly team. This way, young patients accompanied by their parents can explore the premises of our dental surgery, take a look at our equipment and materials and marvel at the many exciting things in a dental surgery.

Happily going to the dentist

The right and above all child-friendly approach is of enormous importance in children’s dentistry. Before their first treatment, we try to convey to our little patients in a very empathetic and cordial way that a visit to the dentist is not bad at all. So that even anxious children like coming to us – paediatric dentistry is the key.

When you visit the dentist for the first time and receive your first child’s treatment, you will receive a children’s dental passport. This is where we record the six-monthly check-ups of our young patients.

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From the first tooth

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Caries prevention


It is recommended that parents take their child to the dentist from their first tooth. This way, children can get used to recurring visits to the dentist at an early age. In addition, they store the visit to the dentist as a positive experience and realise that it is not bad at all when the dentist looks into their mouth.

We at the RHEIN WEISS dental surgery recommend that our patients, big or small, always come to our surgery twice a year for a check-up. Careful oral hygiene and conscientious toothbrushing is our tip for daily dental care.

Fluoride is an essential success factor in caries prevention. It is only toxic in large quantities. An overdose may cause white spots to appear on the teeth. Preventive measures such as ingestion via tablets in babies and tooth fluoridation should therefore only be carried out in consultation with your paediatric dentist.

Fissure sealing is a dental treatment in which the furrowed chewing surfaces of the teeth (fissures) are sealed using a very thin layer of plastic. The entire treatment is completely painless, so your child does not need to be afraid of this treatment. It is done quickly and easily without anaesthesia and protects the teeth better from decay.

Cavities can also cause severe pain in milk teeth. In addition, children with severely decayed milk teeth also have a significantly increased risk of developing caries on their permanent teeth. For this reason, it is important that parents have caries treated on their children’s milk teeth. With regular check-ups and preventive care at your dentist, you can contribute to the long-term health of your children’s teeth.

Paediatric dentistry includes all treatments carried out in the mouth and jaw area of children and adolescents. This includes preventive examinations and treatments to keep teeth healthy. The field of paediatric dentistry has its own preventive area of general dentistry, as children’s and adolescents’ teeth still change considerably as they grow.

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