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Dental implants as the foundation of implantology

As a subsection of oral surgery, implantology is also a special field for Holger Vermöhlen, your dentist from Mainz. Don’t just rely on conventional dentistry for your dental health. Because ordinary dentistry has its limits – several advanced treatments are included in the field of implantology.

What is this subsection of dentistry all about?

Dental implants are artificial roots made of bio-compatible titanium or ceramic. The are implanted in the jaw and grow together with the jawbone within a short time. On this base, we can then attach crowns, bridges or prostheses. As they are firmly connected to the jaw, replacement with dental implants gives a more natural feeling than conventional prostheses.

The artificial dental roots have to be viewed three-dimensionally and positioned precisely. To achieve a perfect result, surgery, implantology and prosthetics all have to work together. As an oral surgeon, implantologist and dentist, Holger Vermöhlen has both the required professional qualifications as well as many years of experience in dentistry. 

On this basis, we can meet the specific requirement of every treatment at our dental surgery in Mainz and help you enjoy the best possible dental health.

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Requirements for implant treatment

The patient’s general health and oral hygiene should be good. The dentist should treat disorders such as periodontal disease, caries and dental root inflammation in advance. The jaw should be fully developed and there should be sufficient jawbone to be able to insert the artificial dental roots.

Treatment procedure steps:

1. Examination and advice
2. Individual planning
3. Implantation
4. Provision of final replacement
5. Follow-up support/care

Solid fit

Protection for your own teeth

Aesthetically pleasing and inconspicuous

Long service life

1. Examination and advice

At the beginning of every implant treatment, the dentist carries out a detailed examination and X-ray diagnostics. The purpose is to clarify any personal requirements and to plan and prepare for the actual treatment at the dental surgery in Mainz. At the subsequent individual consultation, the dentist explains to his patient the treatment plan that has been coordinated personally for him.

The dentist of course takes account of general health aspects and the patient’s medical history. This is recorded in the dental anamnesis. In some cases (such as with diabetes or osteoporosis), an additional specialist examination may be required at the dental surgery in Mainz. 

2. Individual planning

Depending on the patient’s individual dental or bone situation, further imaging methods may be required, such as digital volume tomography (DVT). 

Their purpose is to measure the jawbone. In addition, DVT is used in digital planning to produce a provisional dental prosthesis (permanent teeth in one day). If the examination shows that the jawbone structure is insufficient, the jawbone can be added to before or during implantation, depending on the extent of the defect.

“Implant-supported dental prostheses are aesthetically pleasing and hardly recognisable as such. The artificial crowns are individually adapted to the surrounding teeth in terms of their colour and shape.”

– Your dentist in Mainz, Holger Vermöhlen

3. Implantation

The dentist usually carries out the insertion of an artificial root (implant) under local anaesthetic, as this is a surgical procedure. In special cases, dental implants can also be fitted under general anaesthetic at our surgery in Mainz.

A small incision is made in the gums before inserting it. Special drills are then used to prepare the implant bed into which it is screwed. The gums are then stitched to complete the operation. After the implantation, the dental implant must heal in the bone of the jaw before the final prosthesis can be placed on the natural tooth. This healing stage normally takes 3–6 months. In the case of special procedures and requirements (all on four or digital planning in the anterior jaw area), a provisional prosthesis can be placed directly on to the dental implant.

At our surgery in Mainz, we usually close the gap in the teeth at the patient’s request with a removable or bonded temporary insert, so that the dental implant is not subjected to stress.

4. Provision of final dental prosthesis

Depending on the treatment you have personally chosen, your dentist will place individual crowns, bridges, partial and full dentures on the new teeth at his surgery in Mainz.

Case study 1 from our surgery in Mainz

Immediate implantation / immediate care

Left: After
Right: Before

5. Follow-up support/care

For the implantation to be effective in addition to the actual treatment, intensive follow-up care is important, which we take very seriously at our surgery in Mainz.

The dental surgery specialist or his trained team of dental assistants carry out the check-up and follow-up examinations professionally, carefully and skilfully. An important element here is dental care in the form of regular check-ups. In addition to embedding the inserted implant firmly in the jawbone, the surrounding gums and bed are also examined. As with natural teeth, implants may involve inflammation in the immediate vicinity, which is caused by bacterial plaque.

By checking the gums surrounding the implant of the individual teeth, the dentist can recognise and treat this at an early stage. If required, we also take an X-ray at our surgery in Mainz to check that the implant is firmly embedded in the bone.

Furthermore, regular professional cleaning of teeth at individually specified intervals helps achieve a positive long-term outcome. Intensive cleaning removes bacterial plaque especially on the surface of the new implant, in the interdental space and in the area of the implant neck – to guarantee beautiful teeth, which we recommend at our surgery in Mainz at least once a year.

Case study 2 from our surgery in Mainz

Comprehensive complete renovation with implants / bridges / crowns

Left: After
Right: Before


The artificial roots are made of titanium or ceramic. Titanium is a metal that is not only highly stable, light and durable but also very bio-compatible. Rejection reactions or allergies to titanium are very rare. Ceramic implants are a popular option in bio-dentistry as they are metal-free, which means they are very well tolerated and can be used safely in the case of metal-based incompatibilities and allergies.

Solid fit Implants heal well and stay firm in the jawbone. This is why they provide a more stable hold than other types of denture. 

Protection for your own teeth No adjacent teeth have to be ground down to get implants fastened. Their natural dental substance remains completely intact. The permanent hold of implants is also guaranteed without adjacent teeth. The dentist conducts the implantology procedure in such a way that it has no impact on the adjacent healthy teeth.

Aesthetically pleasing and inconspicuous Implant-supported dentures are aesthetically pleasing and hardly recognisable as such. The artificial crowns are individually adapted to the surrounding teeth in terms of their colour and shape. The remaining part of the implant is invisible under the gums.

Protection from jawbone degradation The jawbone breaks down where dental gaps are present. If your dentist inserts the artificial roots early on, this will stop the degradation. This is why you shouldn’t wait too long. Make an appointment at our surgery in Mainz in good time so we can assist you effectively.

Service life With proper care and regular check-ups by your dentist, your implants can last a lifetime.

More effective chewing and comfort The implants feel almost like your own teeth and as they are firmly embedded, they sit particularly securely in your jawbone. With our artificial roots you can chew normally and bite firmly as you would with natural teeth.

Prostheses that hold better / avoidance of removable dentures If you’re someone with missing teeth who can’t eat everything and enjoy a good bite of food or if you lack confidence when speaking or laughing, you feel the restrictions. Implant-supported prostheses are a major step towards greater confidence thanks to their stability. This also means a gain in quality of life.

With proper care and regular prophylaxis by your dentist, an implant can last a lifetime. From an aesthetic as well as functional perspective, there is currently no better solution. At our surgery in Mainz, we make sure we always work with the very latest technology in order to provide you with the best results for your dental health.

The use of implants is only possible after the bone has grown from around the age of 18. This means young adults and adolescents cannot be given implants. Other than that, there are no limits. In most cases, implants can be inserted in people of a ripe old age without any complications.

Local anaesthetic is usually sufficient when we insert your implant. General anaesthetic is only required in exceptional cases, such as in extensive, complicated procedures or if the patient suffers extreme anxiety. We discuss whether this is useful and necessary in our detailed consultation in advance.

The cost depends on the number of implants and how much surgery is required. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any general all-inclusive details here. Before your treatment starts, you’ll receive a detailed treatment and cost schedule, from which you can derive the anticipated treatment costs.

Implants are not included in the list of services provided by the statutory health insurance funds. Therefore, they only pay a contribution to the required dental replacement but not the implantology treatment itself. Private health and supplementary insurance companies refund a percentage of the costs of implants and dentures in accordance with their contractual agreements.

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