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Natural teeth – and healthy teeth in particular – can only be preserved permanently if there is no inflammation, triggered for instance by caries.

Endodontics (also endodontology) is the field of modern dentistry that deals with the inner values, that is the inner life and entire root canal system of the teeth. In our surgery, we have specialised in the field of endodontics.

 In the event of an inflammation in the tooth pulp, endodontic treatment helps to eliminate the inflammation inside the tooth or at the root tip by means of root tip resection. Teeth with a diseased nerve are thus treated with root canal treatment. Thanks to root canal treatment/endodontics, it is possible to save severely diseased teeth before tooth removal has to be considered.

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The individual steps of a root canal treatment

1. Anaesthesia & protection with a rubber dam

The diseased tooth is given a local anaesthetic so that patients do not feel any pain during the surgical procedure for root canal treatment. A so-called rubber dam is used to protect and shield the tooth to be treated from the surrounding tissue.

2. Electrometric measurement & preparation of the canal system

We measure the root lengths of our patients electrometrically in our surgery and prepare the canal system with highly flexible nickel/titanium files for the endodontic treatment.

3. Root canal disinfection

During root canal treatment, we use various rinsing solutions and ozone to disinfect the root canals in our surgery.

4. Root filling to complete the root canal treatment

This precise endodontic treatment is completed with a thermoplastic root filling by the dentist. The heated and flowable root filling material is distributed throughout the entire root canal system and even closes fine side canals.

Methods and goals of root canal treatment

What is the purpose of endodontics?

The aim of a root canal treatment or a root tip resection is to remove inflammation from the inside of the tooth and to heal inflammation at the root tip. Visit your dentist immediately if you have any complaints, as chronic inflammation may occur if inflammation is not treated. You are in the best hands with your dental surgery in Mainz – we are specialists in the field of endodontics and are available to give you advice and support.

This is what we pay attention to:

During a root canal treatment on a tooth, a comprehensive cleaning of the entire root canal system from caries, bacteria and dental tissue must first be carried out.

For successful root canal treatment, optimal results and visibility, optical magnification aids such as surgical microscopes and cutting-edge technology are used in our surgery in Mainz.

The revision treatment

It can happen that the desired healing does not take place after a root canal treatment. Even then, you do not have to give up hope of preserving your root-treated tooth. In our dental surgery in Mainz, we try to preserve your natural teeth with a fresh treatment, the revision treatment. This new root canal treatment is carried out in the same way as the first treatment, with careful cleaning and filling.

Tooth conservation

precise procedure

X-ray control

Healing from within

"Preserving your own teeth for as long as possible - that's what endodontics is all about."


The chance of preserving a root canal-treated tooth after endodontic treatment is 80-90%. With your dentist in Mainz, you are in the best hands thanks to our specialisation in endodontics.

The alternative to root canal treatment is the removal of the tooth and, if necessary, the restoration of the tooth gap with a dental prosthesis, such as an implant. Your dentist from Mainz will advise you in detail about your individual situation.

A root canal treatment in our surgery in Mainz requires careful and comprehensive work and is usually divided into several sessions.

During a root canal treatment, it is essential for a successful treatment that all root canals are thoroughly and comprehensively cleaned and disinfected. This is where X-rays allow for appropriate checking and make your treatment easier.

A root canal treatment is not painful for the patient, as the tooth to be treated is locally anaesthetised by the dentist.

After root canal treatment, the tooth is painless and has a filling. However, it should be restored with a dental crown in the near future so that it remains stable and cannot break off.

Root canal treatment depends on the anatomy of each patient’s tooth. Furthermore, the number of canals and the materials and equipment used play a role. Whether the costs are covered by statutory health insurance varies from health insurance company to health insurance company. Your dental surgery in Mainz will be happy to advise you on individual costs.

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