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Your first appointment with us

Please initially arrange an examination appointment. The first appointment is usually for discussion and examination. Please bring the written treatment instructions and any X-rays from your family dentist.

Minor procedures can be carried out directly if desired, provided there are no concerns on the part of your general practitioner. Please mention these when making your appointment. If a surgical procedure is planned or if you are undergoing medical treatment for health problems and are possibly taking medication, please let us know. We will then contact your attending physician, if necessary.

What you should bear in mind for your surgery appointment

Please clean your teeth thoroughly before your surgery appointment. For major surgical procedures, please allow sufficient time and do not schedule subsequent appointments.

As you will not be able to actively participate in road traffic after surgery, it is advisable to be accompanied by a trusted person who can take you home after the procedure. Please also note that you may be unable to work after surgery, may need to take painkillers or antibiotics and that the operation area may swell.

If the procedure is performed under local anaesthetic, please have a normal breakfast and take your medication as usual unless otherwise discussed. 

If available, please bring cold packs with you, which you can leave pre-cooled at the reception.

For treatments under nitrous oxide or general anaesthesia, special rules of conduct apply, about which we will inform you separately.





We can arrange instalment payments

Even though high-quality and modern dentistry is not available for free: For economic reasons and for the long-term preservation of teeth, comprehensive dental care is expedient. However, financial constraints or limited cost contributions by the health insurance companies often counter the patients’ demands in this regard.

Your dental health does not have to depend on financial considerations. Please talk to us.


Our emergency tips

After an accident involving dental trauma, the first thing you should do is look for teeth and tooth fragments. Front teeth that have fallen out can be replanted if they are stored properly. Avoid bruising or touching the root surface at all costs. Under no circumstances should the tooth be washed, dried or left to dry out.

It is best to store it in a "tooth rescue box". Ideally, you should have a tooth rescue box in your medicine cabinet. Tooth rescue boxes are available in pharmacies and ensure the best possible storage of the tooth until you go to the dentist. If you do not have one at hand, simply store the tooth in saliva. Further treatment of dental injuries should then be left in the hands of an experienced dentist. 

Extra tip:

For sports with a high risk of injury (e.g., martial arts or mountain biking), a custom-made sports mouth guard is recommended. Our master dental technician can make a perfectly fitting mouth guard for you in our practice laboratory. This is an efficient prevention of dental accidents.

We attend to emergency patients during our office hours from Monday to Friday. For this purpose, we offer our patients short-notice appointments.

On weekends and public holidays, you can reach the emergency dental service for the Mainz city area on 01805-666160 and for the Mainz suburbs on 01805-666161.

Further information is available on our website www.bzkr.de

After a tooth has been removed, you may occasionally experience slight bleeding. This is nothing to worry about. To stop the bleeding, you can cool the affected cheek and gently bite on a clean cloth towel. While doing this, assume an upright position or lie down on an elevated pillow.

Use toothpaste or denture bonding cream to temporarily fix the loosened denture or inlay. Contact us to make an appointment during office hours so that we can repair your denture or inlay as quickly as possible.

Any questions, suggestions, preferred appointment times?

We look forward to hearing from you by calling 06131 32 78 70 , by email at info@zahnaerzte-rheinweiss.de or book your appointment directly:

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